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 For example, if a manager wants a summary cases done in the last  the last 6 months, then the information that has the right level of detail might show the overall figures for each month and the grand total added together.

Histopathology reports done for each month and by which doctor

The amount of money paid during the period agreed and standard price

Cytopathology reports done and by whom and payments made either cash or invoice and wheter done in the lab or the neighboring hospitals

Hematology; bone marrow aspirates and biopsy numbers done and by whom and the money paid. Full hemogram results

Immunohistochemistry done: where it was done and the cost and by whom

 From a source in which the user has confidence: The information should be reliable and trust worthy

Understandable by the user: Information that is used for a business purpose needs to be understandable by the end user. However, if you knew exactly what they wanted you might present them with an easy to read graph with clear instructions on the totals sales for each of the last 3 years.

Outputs should be:

            Monthly activity reports

            Monthly cash and invoices generated and paid

            Monthly supplies purchased and paid or in credit

            Montly invoices to hospitals with agreements

            Staff details;employees and doctors who are share holders

            Each doctor and activities done during the months

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